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Rights & Obligations





Complaints & Appeals

Pricing / Certification Fee

Rights & Obligations

Rights & Obligations

Client has the right to:

  1. Receive services for product certification services in accordance with the Certification Work process at LSPro - PT Carsurin.

  2. Get information about changes in the requirements of the SPPT SNI requirements

  3. Obtain SPPT SNI if it meets the relevant SNI requirements and legislation;

  4. Propose adding and / or reducing the scope of certification;

  5. Filing complaints, appeals and settling disputes with Carsurin.

Client is obligated to:

  1. Paying all costs incurred in the framework of the Certification Work specified by Carsurin;

  2. Meet administrative requirements by submitting a copy (photocopy or e-file) of documents required by Carsurin.

  3. Allocate time for Carsurin in the context of conducting sampling in accordance with Carsurin's requirements and applicable and relevant government regulations;

  4. Guarantee not to distribute and sell products, both domestic and imported products, during the certification process;

  5. Meet the certification requirements including implementing appropriate changes if those changes have been communicated by Carsurin;

  6. The client keeps records of all complaints that are known to be related to compliance with certification requirements and makes records available to Carsurin when requested, and


  7. Report to Carsurin if there are changes in product design, standards or specifications, company and factory addresses, during the certification process;

  8. Send product test samples to a laboratory designated by Carsurin.

  • Take appropriate action on complaints and any deficiencies found in the product that affect its  compliance with certification requirements;

  • Document the actions taken;


Termination of Certification:

  1. Termination of certification can be carried out based on the request of the perpetrators, for reasons that can be accounted for be for and with advance notice.

  2. Requests for termination of certification   will be decided through an LSPro  Decision-Making meeting of PT. Carsurin.

  3. The client must return the SPPT SNI and its licenses, and stop the use of the SNI mark on products produced after the termination date.




Suspension on the certificate will be carried out if:

  1. Results of surveillance conducted by LSPro PT. Carsurin or the results of stringed tests conducted by the regulator showed a fairly serious discrepancy. However, it is still possible for the client to overcome it.

  2. The client does not immediately deal with corrective actions when deviations from all provisions on SNI mark are found.

  3. There was a violation of the provisions stipulated in the relevant certification scheme.

  4. There is a written agreement between the client and LSPro PT. Carsurin for a certain period.

  5. Regarding the certification freeze, the client is not entitled to use the SNI mark on all products covered by the frozen SPPT SNI. At the end of the freezing period the LSPro will investigate whether the SPPT SNI is feasible to be reactivated, which can only be decided through a Decision-Making Committee meeting.

  6. In the case of the decision to freeze certification, the client can submit an appeal to the Governing Board of PT. Carsurin LSPro.



Revocation of Certification can be done if:

  • The results of surveillance conducted by PT Carsurin's LSPro or the results of stringed tests conducted by regulators indicate that there are serious non-conformities or products covered by SPPT SNI are found to be able to endanger users or cause other hazards.

  • The client does not take corrective action properly at the time of SPPT SNI.

  • Clients do not fulfill financial obligations.

  • Client violates agreement related to use / license of SNI mark.

  • The client does not want to continue the agreement regarding the use of a license mark.

  • SNI and/or other requirements referred to change and the client is unwilling or unable to ensure the suitability of his product for these changes.

  • Certified products are no longer manufactured and no longer circulating in the market or the client stops their business.

  • In the case of revocation of certification, the client may submit an appeal to the Governing Board of PT. Carsurin.

In case of revocation of certification:

  1. The client must remove the SNI Mark that has been linked to all products that are the client's stock, or if possible also on products that have been circulating in the market. If within 6 months the product has not withdrawn then it will be subject to sanctions according to applicable laws.

  2. The client must remove the intended product from the client's stock.

  3. Clients must stop all use of advertisements containing anything and return all certification documents, for example SPPT SNI.

  4. The client must take other actions as required in accordance with applicable regulations.



Reduction of Scope of Certification :

  1. Procedure for reducing the scope of product certification, if things happen as follows:
    1.1 At the request of the client on the grounds it can be accounted for in advance of notice;
    1.2 If the surveillance shows a change in the product being manufactured; 
    1.3 If the results of supervision from regulators and / or surveillance indicate that there is a     non-compliance with a product within the certification environment.

  2. The revised SPPT SNI is verified by the Operations Manager and signed by the signatory of the Certificate registered at KAN.

  3. The revised SPPT SNI is submitted to the client after the client returns the SPPT SNI with the scope before it is reduced to PT Carsurin LSPro.

  4. The Administration Coordinator changes the list of certified products and reports on the decision to reduce the scope of certification in accordance with the PRO-0705-SPR Certification Review and Evaluation Review procedure.

Complaints & Appeals
  • If the client or the party submitting the complaint cannot accept the complaint handling decision from PT Carsurin's LSPro, can submit a written appeal to the Head of PT Carsurin's LSPro.

  • The Head of the LSPro PT Carsurin formed the Appeals Committee, whose members consisted of independent representatives (not involved in consulting clients who had problems, at least in two years), and competent with a minimum of 3 (three) people.

  • The Appeals Committee held a meeting to determine the appeal decision and presented the results to the Head of PT Carsurin's LSPro.

  • The Head of the LSPro assigns an Administrative Coordinator to present the results of the appeal decision to both parties and follow up on it.

  • If the appeal decision is not accepted, then the client can appeal through legal channels.

  • All documents relating to complaints, disputes and appeals are documented by PT Carsurin's LSPro. PT Carsurin LSPro also asked the client to document all these documents.

Complaints & Appeals

  • In the event of complaints from clients or other parties regarding the product certification process, whether related to the results of verification or audit, testing, or the results of certification, the client or other parties can file a complaint in writing to the Head of PT Carsurin's LSPro in the Customer Complaint Form.

  • Quality Manager evaluates complaints independently and coordinates with Operations Managers and others to make decisions and set forth in Corrective and Preventive Action Forms in accordance with procedures related to corrective and / or preventive actions in force.

  • The Operations Manager who is responsible for taking corrective action on the complaint assigns personnel to take corrective action. The assigned personnel must not be involved in consulting activities to clients at least 2 (two) years after the consultation activities end.

  • The Operations Manager and Quality Manager report the results of the complaint handling decision to the Head of PT.  Carsurin's LSPro.

  • The Administration Coordinator submits the results of the complaint handling decision to the client or other party who filed the complaint.

Pricing / Certification Fee

Pricing / Certification Fee

Certification Fee

  1. Costs incurred in the certification process refer to the following :


  2. The above fees does not include travel costs and other costs such as transportation, accommodation, and hotel fees for the Audit team

  3. If there is an increased costs in the certification process due to some unforeseen circumstances (administration, logistic, accommodation, etc), all the additional costs risen will be discussed and agreed between both parties before it will be imposed to the total costs of the certification process.

  4. These costs are subject to tax according to the prevailing tariff.

  • Scheme Certification

  • Products

  • Location

  • Man-days 

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