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PT Carsurin is the leading privately owned Inspection, Testing, Certification and Verification company in Indonesia with more than 20 Branch offices, 15 multi-purpose Laboratories and a growing International presence.


Our company has been delivering Quality Solutions with Integrity for more than 48 years.


We provide independent third party services to a broad range of industries: Coal; Minerals and Metals; Oil & Gas, Petroleum and Petrochemicals; Maritime and Offshore; Industrial Equipment; Food and Agricultural Commodities; and Consumer Goods.


We also provide technical solutions ranging from brand protection to remote fuel consumption monitoring of vessel fleets.


Since our inception in 1968 by our founder, Captain Hein Christopher Tiwan, PT Carsurin has advanced its Vision to be the most trusted, independent, quality and technical solutions provider across the Indonesian archipelago.


Nearly a half-century of growth and development has provided us with the clear Mission to minimize risk for our clients by integrating technology with our services and delivering the highest degree of quality with integrity.


At PT Carsurin, our Reputation is an amalgamation of our Technical Expertise, our Customer Care and, most importantly our Integrity.


We understand that our value in the market rests completely and solely on our Reputation. It is with this in mind that we have developed a culture amongst our team that respects these values, and we are proud to state it up front.

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